In the first appointment we often need to ask you questions about your injury and history. We will then need to carry out tests to assess your body so we can formulate a diagnosis and a plan to address your injury. By the end of your first session, your physiotherapist will have presented you with a diagnosis or recommended further tests or imaging to confirm your diagnosis, they will have outlined a plan for rehabilitation and a time-frame for your return to activity/sport

In subsequent sessions (or “follow-up” sessions), your physiotherapist will re-assess important tests, to see how you have progressed from the last session. They will then aim to apply hands-on treatment and/or exercises in our gym area to progress your rehabilitation. Often you will be given exercises to complete at home, thus improving the time taken for you to recover and return to activity.

If you have private health insurance, you can claim your health fund rebate on the spot with our HICAPS machine. This means you only pay the gap!

The amount paid by health funds is based on your level of cover. To confirm the exact amount your health fund will pay towards your treatment it’s best to give them a call directly. 

Our fees are:
    Musculoskeletal/Sports Appointments: 

Initial: $160

Follow-up: $110

Women’s Health /Pregnancy/ Paediatric:

Initial: $180

Follow-up: $130 

We will need to see you move or complete different tests during our assessment. For this reason, we recommend you wear comfortable clothing and clothing that allows us to visualise the area of your body that we are treating e.g. if we are looking at your knee please wear shorts and not tights.

Because the body is all connected, we may also need to assess areas away from your current area of pain, Therefore, we recommend that you wear shorts and if possible a singlet top

We understand that you may not feel comfortable wearing shorts and/or a singlet top, so just let your physiotherapist know and we can adjust our assessment so you feel comfortable too!

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Health Fund card
  • Any scans or test results (if applicable)
  • Any referral letters from other treatment providers (if applicable)
  • Anything else that may be relevant to your current injury e.g. your current running shoes, your current training program or gym program.

Our physios are happy for you to bring children to your sessions and our reception staff are always happy to lend a hand with rocking a pram or nursing an unsettled baby. Some patients find it easier to concentrate without children at the session, so scheduling sessions for evenings or a Saturday morning means that they can leave children at home with someone else!

Online Appointments With Your Physio:

Online Appointments or Telehealth uses digital technology that’s readily available on your computer or phone to receive treatment from your physio. It involves you carrying out your appointment via an online platform or a phone call. It is safe and effective, and our physios are trained to deliver online consultations.

​Whilst we can’t do any hands-on-treatment, online appointments still allow your physiotherapist to assess, diagnose and treat your condition!

We will ask you a series of questions and then guide you through a series of tests and/or movements to diagnose your injury or condition.

We will be able to start you on a management program which may include self-releases, stretches and strengthening exercises.

If you are an existing patient, online appointments will allow your physio to progress your rehabilitation program. Rather than waiting (weeks or months) for us to resume face-to-face consults, we can progress your program and monitor how you are responding to any changes in training loads or rehab loads.

Initial appointment: $85
Follow-up appointments: $65

With the sudden need for online appointment there is a big push for patients to be able to claim.

Currently we know that online appointments or “Telehealth” will be covered by the following bodies:

Will it be covered? What will be covered?
Medicare Yes Medicare Yes Patients with a chronic disease management (CDM) plan from their GP can claim telehealth
Private Health Insurance Yes from April 14th 2020 Patients are advised to contact their individual health fund for more details Several health funds have announced they will have subsidies for the following: • Existing patients continuing a course of treatment or have seen the physio in the past 6months • New patients referred by their GP with certain conditions
Worker’s Compensation Yes Needs pre-approval from a case manager
DVA Yes Needs pre-approval from a DVA manager
NDIS Yes Please speak to your NDIS provider for

*For those claiming through Private Health Insurance: please contact your individual health fund and ensure that they are covering “Telehealth” physiotherapy consults. You will need to pay the full amount for your online session in advance and will be sent a receipt (via email) to claim back from your health fund after the appointment.

​You can book an appointment by calling our lovely team on (02)8544 3680 or you can follow these steps for online bookings:

1. Head to our website and click on the “Bookings” button in the top right-hand side of the menu bar

2. Scroll down to appointment 5. or 6. Online consultations. Please note that if you are a new patient to the clinic you will need to select number 5. And if you are an existing patient 6.

Fit and Flow Physio Appointment Planner

3. Once you have selected a practitioner, available appointment and filled out your details, you will then receive this booking confirmation screen. In the bottom right hand side of the screen there is a request to add this appointment to your calendar. PLEASE SELECT TO ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR, as it will make it easier for you to join your online appointment on the day of your appointment.

Fit and Flow Physio Appointment Planner Receipt

If you saved your appointment to your calendar: simply click on the event in your calendar and there will be an attached link under “Join appointment”. By clicking on this link you will be taken straight to the screen to join your physiotherapist

Fit and Flow Physio Appointment Planning

Fit and Flow Physio Appointment Planning

Don’t worry if you didn’t save the appointment to your calendar when booking, the day before your appointment you will receive a reminder email and text message (like the one below). Again click on the link to “join appointment” and you will be taken straight to the screen to join your physiotherapist

Fit and Flow Physio Appointment Access

  • We suggest you have both your computer and smartphone available, but using a computer or tablet would be preferable so you can have free hands if we need you to undertake some movements/exercises.
  • Set up your computer/tablet somewhere with room behind you to move during our assessment and exercise management
  • Please wear appropriate clothing for us to see and assess the injured body part
  • If for some reason the online software drops out, we will ask you what other software you are comfortable using e.g. FaceTime, What’s App, Zoom. Please have an idea of your preferred back up software

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