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Whether you’re an elite athlete, a budding junior athlete or the average weekend warrior, injury can be a “major pain” and disruption to your performance or participation goals.

We want to help you get you back to your sport as soon as possible. 

Here at Fit and Flow Physiotherapy we want to help you get you back to your sport as soon as possible. Beyond that we also want to find the cause of your pain or injury so that we can prevent further injuries down the track!

When you’re injured at training or on the sporting field, you want early assessment and treatment to fast-track your recovery! Our sports injury physiotherapists have worked as the on-field physiotherapists for soccer, netball, rugby union, AFL and roller derby teams and as a part of physiotherapy teams at major running and cycling events. They are experienced in the early assessment and treatment of sports injuries and can direct you for further imaging or review when required. Beyond the initial management, our physiotherapists will work with your team (e.g. doctors, specialists, other treatment modalities, coaches and managers) to optimise recovery and coordinate a smooth return to the field, court or track.

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Injury screening for athletes looking to reduce their risk of future injuries.

Sometimes it’s not a sudden injury due to contact or change of direction on the sporting field that you’re dealing with, but rather a “niggle” that progresses over time and just doesn’t seem to get better! We love working with you on these long-term injuries, unravelling the reasons behind “the niggle” and helping you to understand why other efforts at treatment or rehabilitation just haven’t produced your desired results! Our physiotherapists will work with you one-on-one to ensure we can track your full history and can create a wholistic plan for recovery and return to sport!

We also provide injury screening for athletes looking to reduce their risk of future injuries. A series of tests looking at flexibility, strength, balance and functional capacity, help us to identify areas for an athlete to work on in their program. We can also put an athlete through their paces with sports clearance testing and injury prevention programs at a local park!

We stock a range of common tapes and braces in the clinic and our physiotherapists are happy to tape you for your sporting event or fit you for a brace when needed!

If you have a sports injury, feel free to enter some more information in the Injury Form so our sports injury physiotherapists can get back to you. Book an appointment at our Caringbah office with a sports injury physio today.

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