Young Athlete Physiotherapy
Adolescent Physiotherapy - Teenager Physiotherapy - Adolescent Physio

Young Athlete Physiotherapy

Sutherland Shire Physio for Young Athletes

Adolescence is the second decade of life and represents a period of significant physical development (not to mention psychological, cognitive and emotional development!)⁠
Adolescent athletes can suffer different injuries to their adult counterparts and should be managed by physios with experience in this area!⁠
At Fit and Flow Physio, we have a strong interest in keeping our junior athletes fit and active. We work not only with the junior athlete, but with their coach(es), their family, school and sports team(s) to ensure a smooth rehab and return to sport!

Apophysitis is a one of the most common overuse injuries found in the young athlete. ⁠
Often following periods of growth and when a young athlete is under high training loads, the cartilage is put under a repetitive traction load (because of the strong tendon and it’s muscle pulling on it) and can become inflamed and irritated. ⁠Common areas for an apophysitis are the knee (Oschgood Schlatters) and the heel (Sever’s Disease) and the hip.

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Adolescent Physiotherapy - Teenager Physiotherapy - Adolescent Physio

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