Physiotherapy for Knee Injuries

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The knee is a hinge joint – yep think of it like the hinge of a door. With a simple purpose: to bend (flex) or straighten (extend)! ⁠While this explanation is simple, there are a lot of structures, including bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and more that make up this joint!⁠ All of these structures have a role in allowing the knee to function optimally, so we can walk , run , kick and dance

Almost 20% of people experience knee pain in their life-time and this proportion increases with age! But knee pain isn’t isolated to just our senior athletes… with a recent study showing that 1 in 4 athletes suffer from pain in the front of the knee, with 70% being between the ages of 16-24 !⁠

⁠Following a knee injury, people will often notice “weakness” in the muscles around their knee, in particular in their quads! Arthrogenic muscle inhibition (AMI) is a response from your body to prevent full activation of the muscles in an injured area… ⁠

Research has found that swelling is a big factor in AMI, even without pain or damage to the knee. As little as, 10mL of swelling can reduce muscle activation and 20-60mL can reduce quadriceps activation by 40%!⁠

Now you can see why your physio is so focused on reducing swelling in your knee!⁠

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