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Adolescence is the second decade of life and represents a period of significant physical development (not to mention psychological, cognitive and emotional development!)⁠
Adolescent athletes can suffer different injuries to their adult counterparts and should be managed by physios with experience in this area!⁠
At Fit and Flow Physio, we have a strong interest in keeping our junior athletes fit and active. We work not only with the junior athlete, but with their coach(es), their family, school and sports team(s) to ensure a smooth rehab and return to sport!

Apophysitis is a one of the most common overuse injuries found in the young athlete. ⁠
Often following periods of growth and when a young athlete is under high training loads, the cartilage is put under a repetitive traction load (because of the strong tendon and it’s muscle pulling on it) and can become inflamed and irritated. ⁠Common areas for an apophysitis are the knee (Oschgood Schlatters) and the heel (Sever’s Disease) and the hip.

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Growth Spurts

Does Your Adolescent Need Physiotherapy?

Did you know that on average girls will grow a total of 25cm and boys 28cm during their pubertal growth spurt? ⁠
So during puberty, our young athletes are dealing with changes in height , limb length and mass. On top of that they also experience reductions in coordination and neuromuscular control during this time… meaning that they have a bigger heavier body to move around and less of an idea of where their body is in space!⁠
Any wonder our junior athletes sustain some injuries! 
We can’t manage adolescents as if they are just small adults when it comes to injuries. During adolescence, the presence of growth cartilage and a reduction in bone density following growth spurts means that bones are relatively weaker compared to muscles or tendons and can be a site of injury. E.g. An insult that causes a muscle tear in an adult could create an avulsion fracture in an adolescent athlete.
So what is an avulsion fracture? An avulsion fracture is when a small chip of bone is pulled off by a relatively stronger muscle-tendon or ligament. 
They are more common in children and adolescents (but can also be seen in adults), due to the relatively weaker nature of bone and cartilage in this group!⁠
You may see an avulsion injury with a sudden, forceful muscle contraction during sports or activity. The player will experience pain and reduced power in that activity following the injury(it will often look like an adult “muscle strain”).⁠

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Adolescent Physiotherapy - Teenager Physiotherapy - Adolescent Physio