Knee Pain and Injuries

Knee Pain and Injuries:

Almost 20% of people experience knee pain in their life-time and the proportion of people who experience knee pain increases with age. Recent studies have found that 1 in 4 athletes suffer from pain in the front of the knee and 70% of these between the ages of 16-24!

Knee pain can have a huge impact on day-to-day function. Our knees take alot of load, even with day-to-day tasks and as a result people often notice their pain with these daily activities.

  • 1.5x your bodyweight goes through your knees when walking.
  • 3-4 x your bodyweight goes through your knees when going up or down stairs.
  • 4-5x your bodyweight goes through your knees when squatting to pick something up off the floor!

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Causes of Knee Pain:

Causes of knee pain or knee injury can be split into two main categories: traumatic or non-traumatic.

Traumatic injuries:

Traumatic injuries occur in the way it sounds, by one specific incident of trauma. This can be by twisting or bending the knee, or by a direct blow, such as from sports, falls or accidentsThe direction and type of force that the knee sustained will impact the structure that is injured, including muscle, cartilage, ligaments or bone! Therefore, these injuries require a physical examination to diagnose location and severity of injury.

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Non-traumatic injuries:

Non-traumatic injuries are the niggles or pains that have been annoying you for a period of time and haven’t gone away. This could be due to a number of factors:

  • poor biomechanics
  • muscle strength imbalances
  • tight structures or
  • over-training.

With these type of injuries there often isn’t one specific incident (or trauma) that started your knee pain. As a result, your physio will need to explore factors that have contributed to this pain. This includes looking at joints above and below the knee, to see if the knee is being overloaded because other areas e.g. hip or foot/ankle, aren’t doing their job correctly!


Do you have a specific knee injury that you’d like to know more about? Comment below and we can write up some posts about specific injuries/queries you might have!